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  1. Furnishing apartments and offices wisely

    Furnish apartments and offices wisely with a minikitchen

    No household or business can do without a well-appointed kitchen, but spatial considerations mean there is not always enough room for large kitchen units. In apartments or small homes for one person, in particular, installing the kitchen is something which needs to be well planned to accommodate the latest kitchen technology and sufficient workspace on a few square metres of floor. With a minikitchen you can solve a number of problems in the narrowest living space, as offered on our website in many modern versions. Minikitchens are ideal as a meeting point at the office or as a practical facility for students or singles and can be bought from us just the way you want them.
    Rundumküche - Miniküchen nach Maß vom Küchenprofi
  2. A minikitchen has a large range of uses

    A minikitchen has a large range of uses

    Minikitchens are a wise purchase wherever there is limited room for installation or you don't want to clutter your living space with bulky furnishings. The number of single households in this country is growing constantly and over the last decades has produced small homes and apartments in which traditional kitchens are too large. Minikitchens meet the needs of single persons and, for instance, help students and trainees to enjoy the highest level of kitchen convenience in their first home. Just because they are small, you don't have to do without such technical equipment such as a dishwasher, oven or refrigerator, and they satisfy all requirements. 

    Along with the popular use of minikitchens in private homes, their compact construction is also in demand on the business scene. To complement the office, a small set of kitchen units can be found in countless companies which aim to help their staff enjoy their morning coffee, or snacks in the intervals between work, comfortably and conveniently. It is worth acquiring a minikitchen for regular visits by customers and business partners, too, so you can offer them freshly made food and drink. Since in many offices no kitchen was originally planned and later installation needs to be in a very small space, the mini-format is particularly practical from this point of view.
  3. Find the wide range of designs online

    Find the wide range of designs of a minikitchen online

    Just take a look at our website and the various models of kitchen there and you will quickly see that the reduced shape doesn't involve any great loss compared with large-size kitchens. Oven, refrigerator, dishwasher or manual sink are all part of a minikitchen, as are cupboards and shelves, which allow room for pots and pans, decorations and much more. If all these elements are to be installed in a minimal space, kitchens can be fitted in an upright format, to use the kitchen's height for storing a larger number of utensils. Fitting a cupboard kitchen is also possible: when not is use, you simply close it up and it disappears from view in your living room.

    Since minikitchens are a popular purchase among students, trainees and singles, the design of many models exactly reflects the needs of this target group. Thus in many minikitchens there has to be a microwave oven, which ensures you can prepare food more quickly than a classical electric oven. Kitchen cupboards and shelves also come in smaller sizes than in a normal built-in kitchen and cope successfully with the equipment installed and the range of food and drink. By installing a mini-sized kitchen, your will save space without needing to abandon comfort and convenience in the daily use of the room or a kitchen corner.
  4. Ordering minikitchens as you want them

    Order the right minikitchen online, just as you want it

    When it comes to the ideal kitchen, people have very different preferences, which are reflected not only in the outfit, but also in the design and materials. Our online shop, a specialist in minikitchens, will show you all the multiple range of this carefully planned installation, allowing you complete freedom, from a wood look to a high-quality metal design. With all the kitchens in our selection you will find further information, ensuring a precise overview of all components in the kitchen and enabling you to help yourself exactly. All models can be installed effortlessly and, whether in your private or your business life, offer you simple and practical use.

    Should you have any additional questions on any aspect of our kitchens, or should you be considering a direct order, use our online form or get in contact with us by telephone. Our team is looking forward to talking to you and will help you to find the right minikitchen for a student apartment, a single household or your office premises. Outfitted to reflect your needs, and provided with the latest generation of technical components, you are guaranteed to enjoy your new kitchen and to buy it from us as a high-quality furnishing with a long life to it. You will not only save space but money, too, when you buy a kitchen on advantageous terms and conditions via our various online range. 
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